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Popular horse-riding destinations to visit in 2019

365Tickets January 25, 2019

Travelling adds a fresh new perspective to everyone’s life!

It helps to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

Today, different people want to travel in a different way.

Few prefer the seaside and few the mountains. And there’s another section of travellers who would love to concentrate on sports tourism.

Horse riding has been one of the popular sports that most people are opting in for today.

There are several places in the world popular for horse riding.

You can either ride a horse or watch a race in these venues. You can count on places like Kentucky and consider useful resources like https://www.tvg.com/promos/kentucky-derby/ and the like.

So, do you love horse riding?

Would you want to visit some of the best destinations for horse riding in 2019? If yes, then you can select from the names of the places that get mentioned and discussed as follows:

  • Okavango Delta, Botswana

The name of the area might make you imagine wild animals like crocodiles, elephant, giraffe, leopard, and zebra walking through the canals. You might as well spot a couple of hippos too. However, this is also a place that is conducive to horse riding.

Once you are at the Okavango Delta, you’ll know the reason for the popularity of horse safaris here.

It is one of the most preferred ways to explore the wildlife here.

You can spend your night at the Macatoo Camp, one of the famous private game reserves. Once your horse riding is over, you have the chance to offer candlelit dinners, sundowners and also live at the lavish tent accommodations.

  • Cappadocia, Turkey

The place welcomes you with its lunar-like vast stretches of lands! Cappadocia is one of the exotic horse-riding places that you can visit.

The horse trails here meander from one village to the other. You get to see strange rock formations here that are very popular here!

Other things to explore here include the underground cities, Byzantine churches, and century-old monasteries.

You have the option to meet the Turks who still carry on their lives in the most traditional way.

Opt-in for a camp and experience horse riding under the guidance of an expert trainer here.

  • Bryce Canyon in Utah, United States

The Bryce Canyon National Park is a popular destination for horse rides! This canyon is known for its strange rock shapes, red hoodoos and many more.

There is the favourite “The Legend People” named by the famous Paiute Native Americans, who felt that hoodoos were people who got turned to stone for committing ill-deeds.

The concept of hoodoos has been a point of mystery for a long time.  

If you opt-in for a horse-riding tour here, you will get to see the cowboy guides who talk of past anecdotes along with specific geology about this stunning national park, as the travellers ride along the pine trees.

There’s more to explore here.

The world is replete with several destinations conducive for horse riding!

You can select from the names mentioned above as you start to plan one. You can always keep adding the names as you continue travelling.