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Top 4 Places for Off River Activities

365Tickets March 22, 2019

We all want to do something we really love from time to time, especially to unwind and just relax.

For some of us, we opt to stay at home and do chores, play family games, maybe read a book or do some gardening.

Others choose to travel around the world, exploring the romantic streets of Paris, the energy of Hong Kong, the elegance of Dubai, and the classiness of London.

Then there are people who want to tackle crazy and daunting adventures such as climbing the highest mountain peaks, diving the deepest of oceans, confronting the wind through skydiving and gliding, and even off river activities.

The beauty of off-river activities, especially when done as a family trip, is that you get to discover your inner dauntless by navigating through a narrow dirt path on an ATV and managing the course such as thick trees, lush vegetation, huge boulders and sometimes, wild animals.

One of the best examples is opting for ATV Tours in West Virginia.

Doing it as a family will surely be memorable and worthwhile, one for the family photo album or photo wall, and it’s a perfect combination of joys and thrills.

If you’re gearing up for some off river activities and want to feel the adrenaline rush, whether alone or as a family trip, here are some of the best-recommended places:

  1.  New River Area- West Virginia

The New River is composed of two parts- the North Fork and South Fork.

Combined, the river is over 100 miles, flowing all the way from Ashe-Alleghany county down to West Virginia.

This great length will give you a lot of freedom and room to explore and prolong the fun especially if you’re with family and friends.

  1.  Rocky Mountain National Park- Denver

Explore the aesthetics and wonders of Colorado mountains and see the native wildlife in their natural habitat.

Pass through alpine paths and small historic towns along the Colorado River as you take a breath of the fresh mountain air and see some elk, bears, and moose.

  1.  Sonoran Desert- Arizona

Navigate through winding mountain trails and Arizona wildlife with some of the greatest stop-overs ever in off-river activities.

  1.  Road to Hana- Hawaii

Swarmed by tourists from all over the world, the Hana Road spans 64 miles of undisturbed, coastal scenery that will amaze you in shock and awe of how beautiful and wonderful the world can be.