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How to Solo Travel in London: Tips and Things to Do

365Tickets October 11, 2019

Without a doubt, London is a great city for solo travel. The city boasts of a plethora of free tourist attractions, it’s home to the world’s biggest museums and has most indoor or outdoor adventures that any solo traveler could wish for.

But which are the best things to do when on a solo-travel in London?

1. Walking Tour

Self-guided walking tours are very common in London, just like in most Western European cities. The city has tons of interesting things to do and see when on a London free walking tour

You can, for example, visit the Elizabeth Tower- home to Big Ben- on foot from central London, as well as the UK’s Houses of Parliament. If you are a catholic, a free tour of St Paul’s Cathedral’s dome (it is over 1400 years old) will definitely excite you. You can explore London on foot for a whole year and still find new exciting things to discover and experience each day.

2. Visit Art Galleries 

Are you a lover of art but your travel partners aren’t? If yes, you should definitely take a week of solo London travel.

The city hosts tons of free art exhibitions and art galleries for you to sample. You will see masterpieces from legendary artists such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, among others. And if you can find time to visit Shoreditch, you will be in luck because the place is filled with street art.

3. Harry Potter Attractions

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? If you are, how better would you experience London if not by taking a tour of as many Harry Potter attractions as possible?

There are also many Harry Potter trivia for magic lovers to discover when touring London. These magic-related attractions are best experienced during solo visits because it is hard to find a travel group filled with magic enthusiasts.

4. A Day in the Theatre

Is there a movie or a show you’ve always wanted to watch alone, undisturbed?

This is your chance! Just like with magic-related attractions, movies sometimes require you to be selfish; to be alone.

5. Visit the Portobello Road market

Vintage shopping is great when travelling solo. Take a day and visit the many vintage shops along Portobello Road- The biggest antique market in Europe. 

The market is open to shoppers each and every weekend, although you still will find some shops open on weekdays. While here, make a point of enjoying a delicious local meal in one of the pop-up eateries.

6. River Thames Cruises

If you have a few bucks to spare, aboard a boat and cruise down the River Thames, right from Westminster down to Tower Bridge

This river is one of London’s most beautiful geographical landmarks and a sign of the city’s deep geographical history.

7. London’s Free Museums

Unknown to many, almost all museums in London won’t charge you a dime to explore. Visit one museum on a summer afternoon and indulge in your love for art and culture.

If you are a lover of history, art, and/or culture, the British Museum is the place to be. The museum has one of the most outstanding architectural designs that you’ll see in your lifetime, as well as the oldest collections of art that will seamlessly tell you the British story.

If you are excited by history that is told in the natural realm, you will enjoy a day in London’s Natural History Museum.

Other Important Tips

1. London is home to many lovely parks that are free to explore.

The Speaker’s Corner that is situated in Hyde Park, for example, is filled with entertaining stuff all year round. There are also many thought-provoking activities here. 

2. Would you love to witness the changing of the Guard?

If you haven’t heard of it before, it is a highly honoured ceremony in the UK and it entails guards of honour conducting a change of guard ceremony at the palace. You can witness this breathtaking spectacle on a daily basis from May to July or on an alternating basis for the other months of the year.

3. Through Sandeman’s and Undiscovered London, London offers tourists two free tours of the city. Don’t miss out.

Hostels provide tourists with free maps that will give you many feasible, low-cost tour recommendations. Check them out.

4. Eating at a pub places you in a prime position to enjoy one of the many pub special promotions.

So, unless you have a unique preference for restaurants, pubs are the best deal!