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Gigantic Dinosaurs and Thousands of Butterflies – A Visit to the American Museum of Natural History

365Tickets July 25, 2018

Education is something we are almost trained to think of as having a beginning and an end.  The class that starts at 10 am will end at 10:50 am. We start in the morning and end in the afternoon.  Classes begin in the fall and end in the summer. But the reality is that learning should never end AND it should be fun and that is exactly what makes the American Museum of Natural History so enduring.

Since its founding in 1869, the Museum has become renowned for its exhibitions and collections, which guide visitors through a variety of cultures, the natural world, and the universe.

If New York City is on your travel agenda, this is a museum worth visiting.  The permanent collection and traveling exhibits are nothing short of world class and are designed to be fun for everyone in the family.


The most popular and well-known exhibit is the DINO TOUR.  Wander among the giants as you and your family learn about Barosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Stegosaurus!  Whether this is your first visit or your 50th, the Dino Tour is a must.


In the winter, one of the must beautiful exhibits is the Butterfly Conservatory, which is open from December to May.  Thousands and thousands of butterflies fill the space with spectacular color and variety.


The Hall of Ocean Life looks at ocean life from every perspective. The panoramic displays and the massive replica of a Blue Whale are awe-inspiring.


The highlight of this enormous exhibit is the parade of African elephants. Researchers and artists brought back detailed sketches and photographs to create this stunning display that is incredibly detailed.


While the permanent exhibits may be the most famous, the museum hosts dozens of traveling exhibits every year.  Topics range from BEYOND PLANET EARTH: THE FUTURE OF SPACE EXPLORATION to BRAIN: THE INSIDE STORY.

The American Museum of Natural History is regarded as one of the top science museums in the world. If a little mind expansion is on your trip agenda, this is one attraction that has to be on the list.  When planning your trip to New York City, be sure to visit 365Tickets.com to find great ticket prices and unique combo tickets.  Another great way to save is the New York City Pass for savings at six New York icons.

Enjoy your trip to the Big Apple!