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Fall in Love With The Night Sky at The Adler Planetarium

365Tickets July 3, 2018

Maybe you have little astronauts on your hands, or you love looking at the stars on a clear night sky, a visit to Adler Planetarium is in order.

Attraction tickets Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium in Chicago is the ideal place for stargazers.

Located on a peninsula with a fantastic view of the Chicago Skyline, the Adler Planetarium offers views of the sky that other planetariums simply can’t. Travelling to Adler is easy, just take the 146 bus.

Opened in 1930, The Adler Planetarium is the perfect spot to see the moon, stars, and the sky all in one convenient place.  It also comes with a slice of historical romanticism being the oldest planetarium in America.

Exchange your 365 Tickets voucher for a general admission ticket into the planetarium and be sure to check out the schedule of shows when you first arrive. There are many different shows to choose from, and you’ll want to fit them all in!

There are two planetarium domes at the Adler, which gives the museum a chance to feature more shows and live viewings of the planets and sun. Good luck trying to find where the second dome is hidden though, you’ll have to look pretty hard!

Adler Planetarium Chicago - 365 Tickets USANot just a planetarium, Adler also houses an astronomy museum, where visitors can find exhibits on space, the sun, the planets, and ancient history. Who doesn’t love an educational component on a trip?

Be sure to check out the Daily Challenge. There is a design lab at the museum where everyone can play. One of the daily challenges is the wind tunnel. You’ll be tasked with building a space vehicle that will survive the wind tunnel while protecting your marshmallow astronaut.

The Adler is also home to an observatory! Not to be confused with the planetarium side of the museum, the observatory houses a telescope for live viewings of the starry sky. The planetarium is home to re-creations of the night sky.

Sky Watch Live, one of the shows, introduces visitors to the basics of the night sky. It’s a very traditional planetarium show, discussing how to find the North Star, how to find the Big Dipper, etc.

For the little observers in the family, One World, One Adventure and Planet Explorers are the shows for you. DestinationAdler Planetarium Chicago - 365 Tickets USA Solar System is geared toward the elementary and middle school ages, while the adults in the family can explore during the Planet Nine and Cosmic Wonder shows.

During the summer, there are some telescope volunteers who can help you find all the different parts of the sky. You can even safely view the sun.

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